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The swing bridge BarbadosBarbados is a beautiful tropical Caribbean island found in the Atlantic Ocean to the east of other Caribbean islands. It is the perfect place to go when you are looking to take a relaxing vacation, an island getaway, an exciting adventure, or just some fun in the sun. With a friendly population of approximately 279,000, the locals in Barbados are open, warm, kind and helpful. In addition, Barbados is 431 km2 of wonderful and exciting things to do, not to mention the picturesque sites and breathtaking views.

Barbados is a relatively flat island which rises subtly when moving into the central highland area. The peak of Mount Hillaby (found in the Scotland District) is the highest point in Barbados and is approximately 1,100 feet above sea level. Eleven Parishes can be found in Barbados with its capital being St. Michael. The main town in Barbados is found in St. Michael and is called Bridgetown. Other towns which are scattered across Barbados are Holetown (found in the parish of St. James), Speightstown (found in the parish of St. Peter) and Oistins (found in the parish of Christ Church). The island is mostly surrounded by coral reefs and has to seasons, the wet (June- November) and dry (December- May).

Independence Square BarbadosBarbados has a strong British influence as a result of its once colonial nature as a British colony and also has the historic African struggle for freedom. Barbados became an independent nation on November 30th, 1966 and rapidly moved forward in building a strong economy which was mainly based on its sugar plantations. All the traces of Barbadian history can still be found in various parts of the island and it tells quite a remarkable story of freedom, unity, nationhood, pride and industry.

Today, Barbados is known as little England and has made significant advancements in becoming one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful island hot spots. So, when you’re looking for adventure, fun, entertainment, excitement, relaxation, rest, or leisure; come visit Barbados. The primary air strip in Barbados is located at the Grantley Adams International Airport and transport is a breeze. Travel around Barbados with your very own rental car or blend in with the locals when you use taxis, public transportation (ZRs- buses), or transport board buses.

Broad Street BarbadosHere in Barbados you will find Barbadian cuisine at its finest, as well as equally tasty and delicious meals from all over the world; the variety is endless. Also, the many activities that Barbados has to offer are countless and all fun and entertaining in its own way. Choose from scuba diving, surfing, touring, golfing, cricket, shopping, partying, helicopter rides, festivals (Crop Over), sightseeing, cave exploration and don’t forget to visit the white sandy beaches with crystal blue waters. Visit various sights, landmarks and attractions such as: Animal flower cave, Harrison’s cave, St. Lawrence Gap, Folkestone Marine Park, Andromeda gardens, Flower forest, Hackleton’s cliff, Orchid world, Barbados wildlife reserve, Farley hill national park, Mount Hillaby, Kensington oval, and many other places.

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